Vacation Bible School

Faith Expedition

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July 22-26
9 AM-12 PM

“X marks the spot” is a phrase associated with expeditions and treasure hunts as adventurers set off to seek fame and fortune. For Christians, a cross marks the spot where the greatest treasure is found—redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that through VBS this year, children who are believers will be encouraged to dig deeply into the rich treasure God has given them, and that children who don’t know Jesus will find and claim God’s gracious treasure by giving their hearts to the Lord.

Children will look on as Chris and Kelly make their Faith Expedition to find the greatest treasure in the world. Students will study man’s need for God and the faith God has given us to follow His plan; to believe His promises; to obey Him; to repent and turn to Jesus; and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Now, dig out those backpacks and shovels, open that treasure map, and check your routes! You are about to join the children of your church and community on an exciting expedition to uncover the greatest treasure in the world!

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