About Grace

Mission Statement

Grace Church seeks to passionately proclaiming the Gospel of Grace to the glory of God and the transformation of man.

Vision Statement

Grace Church will be a place where God is glorified, the believer is edified, and the lost are evangelized.

 Core Values

What are the non-negotiable values that govern our philosophy of ministry? What gives us direction and helps us set priorities? There are five core values to which we hold, and together they form an acrostic on the word GRACE.  They are:

Glorifying God Joyfully in Heart, Soul, and Mind
Reformed Doctrine
Authentic Relationships
Christian Discipleship
Evangelizing the Lost

It’s our earnest desire that these values are held high in every facet of our church life. As you read about the various areas of ministry, you’ll begin to get a clearer understanding of how these values come to bear on the practical aspects of life at Grace Church.